MC3090 Specifications

If you are looking for a different version of the MC3090, please give us a call. We can accommodate most versions! 1-855-588-0642

The Motorola MC3090R mobile computers are rugged mobile computers ideal for scan-intensive environments that require high-quality data capture throughout the enterprise. Our refurbished MC3090R is only $195.00 and comes packed with different features, which makes this mobile computer one of the best investments for its kind. Their superior ergonomic design and balance help to facilitate faster decision making and increased workforce satisfaction inside the retail store, on the loading dock or on a delivery route. This scanner comes with a variety of feature options, including: color display; batch or wireless communications: brick or gun form factor; Bluetooth and audio capability; three keypad options; and the ability to capture images, scan bar codes, or read DPM marks, allowing you to meet your customer, employee and IT needs.

Please contact us today if you have questions regarding the MC3090R or if you would like to make customization’s to it.