• Xenon 1900, Honeywell"s sixth-generation of area-imaging technology, is redefining the standard for handheld scanners. Featuring a custom sensor that is optimized for barcode scanning, Xenon 1900 offers industry-leading performance and reliability for a wide variety of applications that require the versatility of area-imaging technology.
  • The 3800g is the newest member of the legendary 3800 family of linear imagers. The first linear imager to earn the Adaptus Imaging Technology brand, the new 3800g is powered by Adaptus 5.0, delivering breakthrough linear imaging performance and versatility. Fast, intuitive barcode reading across a range of high and low density codes, the 3800g quickly reads even damaged and poorly printed barcodes - all in a single device. The 3800g boasts USB, Serial (RS-232) and Keyboard Wedge (PS2) connection options.
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    For healthcare organizations seeking to deliver patient-centered care more efficiently, the DolphinTM CT50h clinical smartphone empowers clinicians and staff with seamless mobile access to clinical systems, vital patient data and connectivity to care teams. Purpose-built for highly mobile clinicians, the Honeywell Dolphin CT50h clinical smartphone combines unparalleled barcode mobile computer capabilities with a rugged, modern smartphone to maximize workforce productivity, task accuracy and return on investment. The Honeywell Dolphin CT50h clinical smartphone empowers clinicians to deliver an exceptional patient experience across the continuum of care. Full Specifications (PDF)
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  • USB Kit (1D, PDF417, 2D): gray scanner (MS4980-124), 2.9m (9.5') straight USB Type A cable
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    DS4208 Specifications
    The Motorola DS4208 is a general purpose handheld 2d imager. This 2D imager is perfect for scanning 1D, 2D & PDF417 bar codes on paper, mobile phones and computer displays. The Motorola DS4208 comes packed with features including; omnidirectional scan pattern, easy integration with different common interfaces, compatibility with 123Scan & remote scanner management and much more. At only $125, this device is built to last and delivers outstanding performance witch makes it one of the smartest investments out of all handheld 2d images on the market today. If you have any questions regarding the Motorola DS4208 2D Imager or need customization's made, please give us a call today.
  • Symbol DS4308, USB Kit, 2D Imager, Standard Range. Includes USB cable. Color: Black.
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    Wi-Fi (802.11a/b/g), Rotating head, 1D Laser Scanner, 48 key Alphanumeric Keypad, Bluetooth, Full Audio, Color Touch Display, Windows CE 6.0 Pro, 256MB RAM/1GB ROM, English.
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    MC65, REFURBISHED Wi-Fi (802.11a/b/g), Dual-Radio WAN (HSPA and EVDO), Bluetooth, 2D Imager Scanner, Camera, Windows Mobile 6.5, 256MB/1GB Flash, QWERTY keypad, 1.5x Extended Battery. Interface cables and charging cradle sold separately. Includes 90 day warranty
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    f you are looking for a different or specific version of the MC9090, please give us a call. We can accommodate most versions! 1-855-588-0642 The MC9090 mobile computer made by Zebra, Motorola, and Symbol was designed for workers inside your four walls. Our fully certified refurbished Motorola MC9090 offers advanced data capture options and integrated wireless LAN/PAN plus a comfortable ergonomic pistol grip to enable real-time data collection in scan-intensive environments in the warehouse, on the loading dock, out in the yard, and in the back room or out on the sales floor of a retail operation. This mobile computer comes packed with features which include; a gun grip, Wi-Fi, bluetook, laser scanner, Windows CE 5.0, color screen, 64/64MB, 53 key, and a standard battery which makes it a great investment for any type of business. Contact us today about buying, servicing, renting or selling Motorola MC9090 gear! Please contact us today if you have questions regarding the MC9090 or if you would like to make customization’s to it.
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    MC9090-K, MC9090 Wireless Terminal (802.11a/b/g, 1D, Color, 128MB, 53 key Keypad, Windows Mobile 5.0.0, Bluetooth
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    Our refurbished Zebra / Motorola Symbol MC9190-G barcode scanner is more rugged, more powerful, has a higher resolution display, better scanning performance and more scanning options than anything else. The next evolution in the highly successful, refurbished Motorola MC9190-G Series gives your workers the ability to process information and take action quickly and accurately, even in the harshest of environments. Contact us if you have any questions about this product. You can also purchase this product right from our website today. MC9190-G, MC9190 Windows Mobile 6.5 11ABG Bluetooth 256MB/1GB 53 key Gun Imager VGA Color
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    If you are looking for a different version of the MC92N0, please give us a call. We can accommodate most versions! 1-855-588-0642 The MC92N0 is the next generation in the industry-leading rugged MC9000 Series, now offering support for the most popular mobile operating system in the world, Android. Raising the bar on rugged mobile computing, the MC92No offers well-proven technology that you and your workers can count on, with the very latest bar code scanning technology. This handheld computer comes packed with different features including; Wi-Fi (802.11a/b/g/n), a 2D standard range imager scanner (SE4500 Scan Engine), a comfortable Gun grip - Windows CE 7.0 - 512MBRAM, 2GB ROM, 53 key keypad, bluetooth, VGA color screen and much more making it one of the best hand held computers on the market. Please contact us today if you have questions regarding the MC92No or if you would like to make customization’s to it.

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